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Monday, February 04, 2008

What I ate today

I had a green smoothie for breakfast (apples, spinach, lime, and a bananus). For lunch I made some raw nori rolls. They had baby greens tossed in creamy garlic dressing (Rawvolution by Matt Amsden) avocado, and tomatoes. Super YUM! For dinner I had what is quite possibly my favorite meal ever. I usually make it on Mondays so we call it Macro Monday around my house. Short Grain Brown rice (which I sprouted this time-I liked it and we got those GABAs too!) Adzuki bean and winter squash (i always use butternut) saute from Vegan Planet, steamed kale, and Ume plum vinegar. There are no words to describe my insane love for kale. My kids actually love this meal too and they both really dig the vinegar on it which surprises and pleases me. For dessert I think I might slice an apple and put slivers of dates on top (tastes just like a caramel apple I swear!) or some really dark chocolate! YAY


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